Our aim is see lives transformed by the truth of the Gospel.

We are currently making plans to move from Edinburgh, Scotland to Sao Luís, Brazil (Daniel’s home country) to work full-time amongst communities that are broken by poverty, addiction, corruption and lack of opportunity.

Despite growth in the Brazilian economy in recent years, 21% of Brazilians still live on less than $2 per day.  Daniel’s state, Maranhão, is the second poorest state in Brazil.  Having worked with the poorest communities, including that of street kids, we long to see sustainable change in the lives of those most marginalised by society.


Our vision is to set-up a Christian back-to-work project where people who are recovering from addictions can learn a trade and get into employment. All too often, rehabilitation programmes deal with the physical need to manage addiction but neglect the need to ensure people are truly supported in living stable lives in the community thereafter. We believe that by providing a practical means to train and earn a living alongside biblical care for the trainees then there is scope for people to break the cycle of generational poverty and to live independently in a way that honours God.

Daniel is from Sao Luis and has over 10 years experience working full-time in Christian ministry in both Brazil and Scotland. Linsey has previously been involved in Christian ministry alongside full-time work for many years. We are currently working for our home church, Niddrie Community Church, where we are preparing and training for this next chapter of life.

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