It’s all a bit Bazar

Last Saturday saw the first ever official event at the home of Instituto Engrenar: a second hand sale and mini fun day. We decided to organise this event for the community to come in and see the structure properly and hear a bit about its purpose, especially with regard to our Christian witness. A second-hand sale, or “Bazar”, as it can be called here, is a useful event for the immediate community as the area is quite needy and we hoped this could be something practical. We sold snacks and drinks and offered a trampoline for the kids.

It was a mad dash in the run-up to the day, as the men who have been building the walls and the second floor of the workshop were working right up until after 5pm on Friday and we were due to open at 9am on Saturday, having cleaned the site and made it look presentable and having hosted our small group on Friday evening(!). The help we received from family, small group and wider church family was simply indispensable and actually quite humbling. Folks had already come round to our house on the Wednesday night to price the items we had gathered to sell. We ended up with plenty of donations of items which was excellent. Some even donated new items for us to sell. The church kindly lent us clothes rails and hangers so the project’s trailer, as well as our huge suitcases from Scotland, came in handy for transporting all of the stuff around.

We also figured it was a good time to get some t-shirts made with the project logo on them. They go well with the work uniforms which are ready too.

Having delivered flyers during the week, and driven round the immediate streets with music playing and a microphone to tell people what was happening, the punters were soon due to arrive.

Family and friends were setting up from 6am on Saturday, and an impressive effort from everyone creatively displaying items, allowed us to be ready just about on time. Our Pastor here, Pastor Nahor, kindly came along to share a message from the bible at the start and prayed for the work of the project. Some people were called on to set up the speakers for music, others sang and played instruments, or served on the till or helped watch the kids, who also collaborated by playing away and allowing us parents to be busy!

There was a stready stream of people coming in all day and we couldn’t quite believe it when we were told we made R$400 by lunchtime. By the end of the day, we made over R$1200, with which we were really delighted, and importantly, we were able to spend time chatting to folk about the workshop. The atmosphere was really positive and enjoyable. We had some clothes leftover so are already planning the next Bazar and how we could improve.

The workshop is nearing completion, for at least the main structure. Daniel was needed to weld the beam for the second floor.

After a long day on Saturday (there was a church prayer meeting on until late on Saturday that Daniel also went to), Sunday was a day to relax at the beach and enjoy church.

We continue to be very grateful for the ways in which God is providing for us and this ministry. Thank you to all who are making this possible.


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