Keeping Productive Amidst the Challenges

The past week or so has been up and down but productive and positive nonetheless. With some rain and a shortage of folk to help, finishing the welding for the roof beams at the workshop has been a bit drawn out. We were very sad that one of our full-time workers lost his uncle at the weekend. João is the only Christian in his family and we pray for his family at this time. Daniel’s brother is also a welder but has been unwell with a virus which is going around and our other ‘go to welder’, Pedro, has been dealing with personal business so we’ve been a bit strapped.

Yet not to waste opportunity, Daniel has tried to make the best use of the time to carry out other jobs. As folk become more aware of what the project is about, some have asked for odd jobs to be done such as an old friend who needed a metal gate fixed. If there is time, it is a good way to learn and practice for the future. We are not asking for payment as it’s all a training opportunity but people are often kind enough to make a donation to the project. Daniel was also asked to make some goal posts for a gentleman in the church. This was quite impressive, especially as was pulled together quickly and largely only with the help of his 13 and 15 year old niece and nephew! For all their babysitting favours and general help, those kids really deserve a medal.

Daniel was asked to bring the biblical message at the men’s prayer meeting this week. He enjoyed speaking from the biblical text Hebrews 11.

I (Linsey) enjoyed going along to a baby shower last weekend. It was for the couple IMG_0230who co-ordinate the small groups. The baby is typically already named, this one is Sarah, and due to arrive in a month or so. Everything was intricately decorated and very pink! The suggestion for a gift was a pack of nappies which is very practical as napies are dear here and it’s a way for everyone to help. There were the usual slightly embarrassing games, a cheesy video of pregnancy snaps, a biblical message and food. All guests take away a piece of the centrepiece cake, a wee souvenir and lots of sweets.



Our small group was held in our house last night and it was great to see most folk there, having been a bit depleted for a few weeks due to rain and viruses. We were grateful to Pastor Marcelo and Claudia for leading the study based on Genesis 11. As is common, talk at the end turned to Scotland. You can see the result of the Brazilians trying on Daniel’s kilt!


Daniel has rustled up another welder to come and help to finish the beams for the roof tiles to go on the workshop as soon as possible. Please pray for some decent weather to allow this to happen!

Our next prayer letter will be emailed out soon. If you’d like to receive it but are not on the list, please get in touch.


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