Proud Moment as Building Takes Shape

Last Friday was a momentous day as the huge 6 metre columns for the workshop structure were put in place. We all held our breaths slightly as each one would have to line up exactly to screw into the the custom-made bases but, by the grace of God, each one fitted perfectly. This process has been long-winded and Daniel and his small, changing team of guys have painstakingly sanded, cut, welded, rust-proofed and painted these columns which were bought cheaply locally. It was rewarding for Daniel to see all of the columns lifted into place.

The columns were in place by sunset at 6pm.

The boys have been on the scaffolding to attach the suporting beams which isn’t easy (and probably not very safe!). The roof tiles have been ordered and should arrive early next week so hopefully will be in place soon too.


We are looking forward to being able to use the space very soon for a second-hand sale of clothes, shoes and household items. Folk in the church have already donated many items for us to sell so we hope to use the day to publicise the project locally and make some money for the rest of the building work. wp-1486832043776.jpg

Antonio has been enjoying his nursery school and I am impressed with his flicking between Portuguese and English. He has come home singing the songs (in Portuguese) and telling us what he has been up to in school (in English). We are grateful he has settled so well so quickly. What else would you do when you get home from school apart from jump in the pool!

We had the usual weekly programmes with church and Daniel also visited the church ladies’ prayer meeting to present the project to them which was encouraging.


It was Daniel´s niece´s birthday yesterday and we all enjoyed some delicious home-made cake! Maria Vitoria´s birthday fell on the same day as her brother´s graduation from middle school. Some photos and stories of that to follow in the next update. As always, feel free to get in touch if you have questions or would like to know more detail on anything. We can only provide a few highlights each week as it´s so busy! Thanks for your support.



4 thoughts on “Proud Moment as Building Takes Shape

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. It’s encouraging to watch the work developing.

    God bless,
    Peter & Joy

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