Laying the Foundations

We are pleased to say the rain has eased off a bit for the past few days with only the odd shower so not interrupting plans too much. Work carries on at the workshop site and it has been really good to see lots of bodies helping without expecting anything in return.

We had another open workers’ day on Saturday for anyone who was free and able and, once again, many folk turned up to do a shift. Folk even donated food for making a big stew, as well as fruit and juice so wanted for nothing!

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”

Psalm 23 v 1

Here are some pics from the last week.

The state of affairs on Monday

You might ask what do the kids do while all this is happening as the women are often busy cooking. Well, they do their own constructions and eat ice-cream!

It was helpfully suggested that we host our small group last Wednesday at Daniel’s sister’s house, beside the workshop, so that everyone in the group could understand and see the work better. It was a really encouraging time and folk were moved by the reasons behind why we’re building the workshop from scratch in this particular area (you might tecall the story about the nextdoor nrighbour’s son being cut into bits after a stray bullet hit a drug dealer’s daughter). Our small group have been really supportive of the project, donating time, money and food.

Last week also included, the family service, men’s prayer group meeting, group leaders´training, Sunday morning bible school, a wee trip out for food just the two of us and a family visit to the beach on Daniel’s day off!

Keep praying for the work here if you are a praying person and give thanks for the many more helpers and support we´ve seen recently.


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