Investing in What Matters

The tragic aeroplane crash in Columbia with a Brazilian football team on board has been all over the news and media here. It was a terrible tragedy and no-one can ever say why these things happen but these incidents should remind us how fleeting life is and how none of us can control all of our comings and goings. As Christians, we trust our lives are ultimately controlled by God and that should bring us comfort and purpose. For, if we know where our hope and future is, nothing in this life should really shake us. It is easier said than done, of course, and we all work at practising our faith and not paying lip-service to verses like:

“Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

Psalm 62:2

It was yet another busy week in São Luís. Work is moving steadily with the project in various areas. Daniel enjoyed preaching at the AICEB church in São Bernardo and the congregation was, once again, supportive of the project, even offering a kind donation. Antonio enjoyed getting to try the drums afterwards!


Only yesterday, Daniel visited an old friend who owns a gas distribution company. Daniel presented the project with the hope of making a business contact who would potentially donate oxygen cylinders for the metalwork. Much to our delight, this chap not only agreed to donate cylinders, but then and there, he put a cylinder in his flash car and personally delivered it to the workshop (in a very not flash area of town!). He also invited Daniel to preach at his church this Sunday, an opportunity we feel we can’t pass up.

Mauro, Rafael and Iran continue to work with Daniel on the manual labour at the workshop and taking part in the daily bible studies. Mauro cannot read or write so we need to take more time with him but it’s very important and he’s very keen to learn. Working and training people takes time and patience but we are very grateful to have a small team forming and working hard.


A young apprentice joins the team!


It is a little frightening to think we are in December already and strange to see cold pictures of Scotland with everyone’s decorations up. There are certainly decorations here, and even an ice rink inside one of the shopping centres (!), but it’s just slightly odd in the blazing sunshine. No signs of the temperatures dropping any time soon. It’s more barbecues at the beach then chestnuts roasting on an open fire but both have their perks!

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