New Recruits

Daniel’s price checking and patience paid off this past week as he managed to buy some of the material for the workshop at a bargain price from a local man. The gentleman did not accept Daniel’s original offer but, after presenting him with the project, he phoned the next day to say he would let Daniel have the metal if he could pick it up right away. Some friends and family stepped in to help transport the huge columns for the metal structure from nearby. The neighbour across the road even kindly lent his truck for that purpose. A simple metal structure is much cheaper than concrete. Daniel and Rafael have also been purchasing some of the other materials which should be delivered in the next few days.


Whenever anyone comes to help out, even just for the day, they are always part of the devotional and prayer time, which we feel is important.


We are also very excited that we have our first recruit from a recovery house to work and train with us. After speaking to the leaders of the “Casa de Davi”, Daniel is thrilled to have our new colleague join us three days a week. He is from a small town inland and has been in the recovery house for over a year. He is keen to be married soon and needing to take some new steps and, so far, is very willing to work hard. This man probably wouldn’t be given an opportunity in many other places so it’s great for him. He is taking part in the daily bible studies and hasn’t been put off yet!


This week the church’s men’s prayer meeting was held at our house. There is singing, a short devotional (bible talk) and then time praying and food.


Another week, another birthday. This time it was Daniel’s sister, Janete’s, birthday. The family organised a surprise celebration for her and lots of noise as she came through the gate!

This week also included a training meeting for leaders at the church, 2 small groups, normal church service, the family service (which Daniel led) and Daniel also visited a different recovery house on Sunday morning (remember the services are in the evenings here). A while back, Daniel bumped into a chap living on the streets while in town sorting some stuff out at the registry office. Daniel had chatted with him at the side of the road. The man was formerly a Christian and took Daniel’s number. It was to Daniel’s surprise that Jonny phoned him last week to say he was in a recovery house and asked if Daniel would like to visit. Off Daniel went with Rafael for one of the most depressing mornings they’d experienced in a while. Not only are the conditions poor for those staying in this place, but worse was that the leader preached blasphemy all morning. He said that Jesus became a worm to humble himself (?!). People are free to accept or the reject the bible’s teaching but it is wrong to teach something completely random and call it biblical or attach Jesus to it. When questioned, this pastor claimed Daniel and Rafael were there to destroy his work. It’s sadly commonplace here. We pray the place changes or closes. Having been there less than 2 months, Jonny is a leader in the centre and is being sent to teach others in another centre. He believes all he is being fed. We’d like to take him to another recovery house if we could…

If you are a praying person, remember Daniel this Sunday preaching at the Crista Evangelica Church in Sao Bernardo. As always, thanks for your support, love and prayers. If you aren’t on our mail list, we’ll be sending out an email newsletter soon so pass me your email address and I can add you. Until next time!



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