The Harvest is Plentiful but Workers are Few

We continue to have encouragements and a few challenges along the way here in Brazil. It has taken Daniel longer than he would have liked to do the building work at the workshop but it has been great to have his friend have Rafael involved. Rafael has been steadily coming to help for a few weeks now which is a great answer to prayer. We could do do with more people though. Anyone in the UK got time on their hands?! The boys have been busy sorting out the plumbing and making sure the foundations are secure. We are still waiting for the building company to give us a quote…

It was also encouraging this week that Daniel’s nephew Pablo appeared at the workshop saying that he wanted to change his life. Pablo has become a Christian before but has never really grown in his faith.  We are hoping to meet up with he and his wife in the next few days to see if we can offer support, prayer and bible study. Unfortunately, it is a different story for Pablo’s dad, José. Many of you will remember that he had been involved in the project but he took a decision some weeks ago to follow his own path. He is now living with his partner and has been drinking on occasion. This situation is hard for Daniel as he invested much in his brother but God knows where his heart is and we pray he returns to the Lord.

We’re enjoying being part of a new small group at the Primeira Igreja. Small groups here tend to be organised roughly by age and stage so we’re with several other couples, some with young children. The small group is pretty much what you’d expect: singing, bible study, discussion, prayer and food, so what’s not to like? It will be good to have a chance to get to know more people in the church, though some are old hat. At least 4 members were guests at our wedding and one was one of the singers on the day which is lovely!

Daniel has enjoyed going along to the weekly men’s prayer meeting on Monday nights at the church. He brought his guitar one week and, apparently, that has made him a qualified worship leader. This past week’s meeting was held at Daniel’s brother-in-law’s house as it was his birthday. Once again, birthdays are big here in Brazil. The men had their usual meeting our on the street and were in need of a singer so Daniel was promptly thrown forward. He enjoyed it and they actually sounded quite good! Of course, there was food, cake and fizzy juice afterwards.

We had a great day off last Saturday as we got free tickets to a water park so we took 2 of Antonio’s cousins and enjoyed cooling off!


We appreciate everyone’s prayers, emails, messages and sacrificial giving. It means a lot that folk are thinking of us. The feeling is mutual! Hope you’re all surviving the darkening evenings over there. I’m afraid it continues to be hot and sunny here.


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