Church in Hard Places

fielDaniel really enjoyed and benefited from being at the Fiel Conference for pastors and leaders in Sao Paulo. It was well worth the travel and busy schedule. There were various sermons and workshops, including Mez’s talks on Church in Hard Places, which happens to be the title of one his books and which has been recently translated into Portuguese. Although Daniel felt as he knew nothing about the bible amidst the theological debates of Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert (!), his real desire was to see a similar conference here in the Northeast. There were only 2 pastors from our state at the conference and we’d love to have that quality of teaching on our doorstep, especially for pastors in the poorest areas.

Daniel enjoyed spending time with familiar faces too and we’ve all been enjoying the goodies our church sent over. I forgot how much better chocolate is in the UK! It also works as an “encouragement/reward” for Antonio to use his potty!!

While Daniel was away, Rafael and Robson quite literally cracked on with the demolition and preparation work at the workshop site. An old friend, and civil engineer, Cláudio, has been doing more work on the designs and costing for the workshop so let’s pray things can move forward now. We’re waiting on one of the suppliers to give us a quote.

Meanwhile, I got to grips with branching out with driving around the city a bit more as Daniel had left me a few “jobs” to do. We had some bills to pay and I had to work out where and how to do it. Sadly direct debit is not always readily available here! We got on fine though and the family here were great at helping out with Antonio. It was also our last week of doing official visits in the area we were doing evangelism as we finished the main street. However, we are meeting up again in the next couple of weeks as we are planning an afternoon tea for the women and will see about covering other areas and using different means to get to know people.

This week Daniel is catching up on work with the project and we’re trying to see people we haven’t been able to for a few weeks. How can it be the end of October already?! More news soon!


4 thoughts on “Church in Hard Places

  1. Hi Daniel and Linsey,

    Many thanks for your updates. We do remember you all in our prayer. Praise God for all that you are doing. We are slowly settling down as a family in Glasgow.



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