Family in Action

It’s the dry season at the moment in Sao Luis and temperatures reach the mid 30s every day. It’s strange not seeing rain at all for weeks but I’m not complaining! Washing dries in a couple of hours here! There are only 2 seasons here: wet and dry so this this season is the best for getting work done. On Friday and Saturday, we arranged for a group of family and friends to get together and do some work on the workshop space while we wait for the local government to approve the main building works. It was a great effort to clear some of the debris and make it a more usable space in the meantime. We are encouraged that it looks as if the water situation is resolved and there should be running water soon. We also found a local engineer who lives in our street who is helping with some of the paperwork for the local council. It’s all a bit complicated but we’re getting there with some helpful people along the way.

As a thank you for everyone’s hard work, and for Camilo’s birthday (Daniel’s nephew), we all went to the beach today for a well-earned rest. There are some perks to living in Brazil, and on an island in particular. We have a choice of lovely beaches (though apparently the water is polluted so you wouldn’t want to be swimming for long!). You can see in the pics that cars drive along the beach here, people get their hammocks out, crank up their speakers and get ready to camp out for the day. It was deceptively breezy today so I may be slightly “rosy”.

The local group doing evangelism is going well with some people even asking for follow up bible studies to find out more. I (Linsey) visited a Catholic family last Saturday where one of the daughters was left blind after getting meningitis. Catholicism is still very dominant here, though it is becoming less prevalent, and the other Christian ladies I was visiting with on Saturday had converted from Catholocism so it was well planned! We hope we might be able to have more chats soon.

We had a productive meeting with Pastor Nahor and his wife, Noemia, from the Primeira Igreja this week. We shared our thoughts about church and the latest on the project and we are looking forward to being more involved and cared for there in this congregation.


One thought on “Family in Action

  1. Great to hear your news. Sounds like things are moving at a pace. We continue to remember you all in our prayers. God bless.


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