Some Order and Progress

Another week has gone by here in Sao Luís and we are continuing to find our feet, get to grips with daily life in Brazil and get into the real purpose of our being here. It’s at least 32 degrees heat every day at the moment with around 80% humidity. That’s a recipe for big hair and several cans of deodorant if ever you heard one! But we all coping better than we could have hoped. Daniel has had more of the running around to do, which is tiring in the heat, but he’s doing well sorting out lots of important details.

A few highlights from the last week include Daniel’s niece’s baptism on Sunday morning. Maria Vitória is 13 years old and it was a great pleasure to be part of this important event in her life. Some of you met, and will remember, Daniel’s sister, Lú, when she was over in Scotland last November; it was her daughter being baptised, along with a number of other new or young Christians from their church.

All the candidates who were baptised
Spectating in the sun
Maria Vitória with her small group leader, cousin and Pastor

The main church services here take place in the evening and last Sunday we visited the church “Cristã Evangélica em Joao de Deus” where Daniel goes back many years with Pastor Polary.  Years ago, while working for the Off the Streets project that our own minister, Mez, started, Daniel was part of the team that helped to train the church in how to work with vulnerable children and adults. Daniel was encouraged to see some young women who started coming to a kids’ club years ago who are now leaders in the children’s ministry themselves and committed members of the church.

Pastor Polary preaching about Social Action


Daniel’s family have a family time of worship and bible study on Monday evenings and we’ve enjoyed being part of this the past 2 Mondays.


A Round-up of Other News..

Daniel has been sussing out a decent vehicle for using for the project and has been spending time with his brother José who we hope will be involved with the training in the workshop for the project.

We are extremely relieved to have a fridge, cooker and sofa now. It took several phone calls and visits to the shop we ordered the things from on 3rd June but the items arrived today. Lesson learned: only buy things online in Sao Luís if you are in no hurry for them! At least we made a saving compared to an in-store purchase- you can’t blame us for trying to get a bargain!

As suspected, Antonio is adapting quicker than us and is definitely back to himself as he is trying to get up to no good on a regular basis! He enjoys outdoor living (try telling him not to go out in the heat of the midday sun!) and exploring anything that seems new or exciting (try telling him not to touch the fans over and over and that we can’t spend all day going up and down escalators!).

Antonio now enjoying a “bath” to cool down (pictured with cousins Maria Vitória and Victor)


Lots of people in the city continue to fall ill with zika or chikungunya, including another of Daniel’s sisters. Please pray for her (Leónilia) and that we’d stay healthy. The results from the blood tests Daniel did in the UK after his last trip to Brazil showed he had caught chikungunya which is the marginally lesser of these 2 evils due to the lack of possible ongoing effects. This was good news.

We continue to be grateful for everyone’s kind messages. Internet arrived in the apartment last Friday so it should be much easier to be in touch now. Feel free to email or comment on here or Facebook and we will reply as soon as we can.




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