1 Week in…

Time always seems to disappear when you have things to do! Our first week has been good as well as a little challenging at times, but that is only to be expected. We are in good health and have adjusted well to the time difference (only 4 hours but that’s significant to a toddler!) and we’re beginning to adapt to the heat. Antonio hasn’t been too sure about this business of multiple showers during the day to cool off, but the post-shower freshness is beginning to outweigh his trepidation!!

The pace of life and timescales for getting things done takes more getting used to, however. We are still waiting for our fridge and cooker to arrive and to get online at home. Few things are straightforward in Brazil so it is helpful to be reminded of this from the start. To give you an idea, I (Linsey) tried to buy a SIM card at the shops and was told I needed to have the Brazilian equivalent of a national insurance number. Eventually the helpful shop assistant found a way around it and processed the transaction, which I had to pay for it at a different desk, sign something, and then collect the SIM card at yet another desk. I had to rely on the sales girls to register the new sim for me (which took a while) and then had to wait 24 hours to be able to make calls! All that for a simple £1 SIM card.

On the upside, we do have a microwave, washing machine and an air conditioning unit and the luxury of being able to go to family for meals or to the shopping centre next door! We have the use of a wee runaround car which is a big help too.

We visited 2 different churches yesterday (morning and evening) which was helpful as we are seeking God’s will as to where we will settle long term. It was good to see familiar faces in both congregations and to see a glimpse of what God is doing in São Luis. We look forward to spending more time with God’s people in the weeks to come.

   Warm water makes the shower more bearable!

 Antonio was impressed by the tyres for sale in one of the supermarkets!


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