Charity Football Match Tomorrow

We are now in the final days of getting ready to go to Brazil but there’s still time for one more push towards our fundraising!

Tomorrow afternoon there will be a charity football match taking place at 2pm at the Peffermill Playing Fields. As much as Daniel is looking forward to playing with his old teammates and hopefully keeping out of trouble  (!), it is also a family occasion to come along and enjoy the match. There will be stalls and entertainment for kids beside the pitch so please come along if you are able and bring some spare cash if you’ve got it. Funds will be going towards our set-up costs for starting the project which will be working with people affected by addiction and poverty in Sao Luis, Brazil.

If you can’t make it along, maybe you’d like to make a wee donation online?

There are still a few items we’d like to take to Brazil for working with kids and wondered if anyone has them going spare or would like to donate them? They are:

  • parachute
  • outdoor games without English words (e.g. twister, snakes and ladders, connect 4- nothing too big as it needs to fit in a suitcase!)
  • jigsaws- 1 or 2 of the big floor puzzles would be great
  • face paints

If you can comment below or contact me to let me know if you’d like to help, that’ll be superb!

Hope some of you can come along to the footie tomorrow.


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