Back in Scotland…for now

Daniel has now returned from Brazil (as of Tuesday) and had a really encouraging trip. It was very busy. “I don’t think I had one siesta and I didn’t make it to the beach,” he was quick to inform me. I know there was a game of football though!

We’ll hopefully get some pics up soon of some of the things Daniel managed to do, and the people he was able to meet with about the project. There are many people keen to partner with us and we look forward to getting cracking next month when we fly out. There are a few housing options we are mulling over and, ideally, hope to have something confirmed before we go but we won’t be stuck either way as we can be put up with family in the short-term.

One element we didn’t plan for was Daniel catching a nasty virus (we’ll find out soon if it was zika) which delayed his return by a week but we know there was a greater purpose in it. He’s much better now and we didn’t have to pay for a new flight so we’re grateful for that.

More details to follow. Thanks for all your support.


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