Counting Down to Brazil

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous in supporting us and the project we will starting in Brazil in a few months.

Our ceilidh last month was a great success and lots of fun. We managed to raise well over £600 in one evening which will go very far in Sao Luís. The band was really excellent and we are most grateful to the wonderful musicians who made sure the event was a success. There were also amazing people helping in the kitchen before, during and after the ceilidh- thank you so much!

We are completely amazed by everyone who has been so generous to us, whether it has been one-off donations or ongoing support. Every little bit is a step forward to us getting the project off the ground. Our church will continue to support us while we are over in Brazil which means that our ongoing costs for personal and ministry costs are nearly met. We do still have some way to go with our set-up costs, however. We are confident that we have enough to get started with the basics in June, but will continue to fundraise to get a bit closer to our ideal target (£22 000!).

Daniel travels to Brazil on 18 April and is meeting with pastors, rehab centre workers and will be speaking in a couple of churches. He will also be looking for somewhere for us to live and sorting other logistics. Meanwhile, I’ve begun to sort practicalities like getting jags and clearing the house. There’s lots going on so if you’re a praying person, please do remember us and get in touch if you want more details etc.



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